Since Fotolia became a part of the Adobe family and Adobe Stock was introduced as the reinvention of the stock marketplace, Adobe has been working on ways of making contributors’ lives easier. Providing a single, powerful platform for bringing your stock content to market is an important step along the way.

It may have been a while since you last explored the Adobe Stock contributor portal, so let’s get you reacquainted with the service and the benefits that you will unlock as soon as you sync your contributor account.

First things first: You won’t miss a thing

This one is simple. Adobe Stock offers all the features and benefits of Fotolia and many more, so you won’t miss out in any way.

More visibility for your content 

Adobe Stock is the only stock service that’s natively integrated into Adobe Creative Cloud. This means that creatives all over the world can test out your watermarked content in their projects and purchase it quickly and seamlessly — all without leaving their favorite apps.

In addition, the Adobe Stock contributor portal gives you the following tools to help you grab the attention of potential customers:

  1. Custom Adobe Stock galleries: To attract more eyeballs and reinforce your brand, you can create a custom header image for your contributor page. You can also merchandize your content by creating custom collections that appear at the top of your portfolio to help buyers find your latest and greatest assets.
  2. External portfolio options: Elevate your online presence to drive more people to your contributor page. As an Adobe Stock contributor, you have free access to Adobe Portfolio, so you can build a personalized website to showcase your work and create a secondary marketplace for your stock content.


The Adobe Stock contributor portal offers a number of features that shave time off your submissions, so you can spend more of your time creating. Here are the key features that help you get your content in front of customers faster:

  1. Creative Cloud integration: No need to spend precious time exporting assets from your creative apps and then uploading them to the contributor portal. Simply upload images directly from Lightroom Classic CC, Bridge CC, or Photoshop Mix, and upload videos directly from Premiere Pro CC.
  2. Non-zip vector uploads: Gone are the days of having to upload vector assets by zipping the AI or EPS files along with JPG thumbnails. Now you can just upload the original file, and the Adobe Stock contributor portal generates the JPG preview for you.
  3. Auto-tagging and auto-categorization: When you upload an image or video to the portal, our Artificial Intelligence service Adobe Sensei will automatically generate keywords and categories for you. The AI technology analyzes your files, compares them to our database to find similar images, and then applies the top keywords and categories. Not only does this save you time, but it also gives you guidance for cases where you want to tag things manually.
  4. Integrated model and property releases: Send and receive releases directly through the Adobe Stock contributor portal thanks to Adobe Sign integration. No need to manage printed releases or dig through your email to track down signed documents.

Start today – it’s just one click

It’s easy to get started: it only takes one click to sync your Fotolia assets, history, and sales dashboard to Adobe Stock. Your data remains intact and accessible on the Fotolia site.

A special reward for our top contributors 

Need one more reason? If you’ve had 300+ stock assets approved or have earned US $500 on Fotolia or Adobe Stock this year, you’re eligible to receive a one-year Adobe Creative Cloud plan. Learn more.

Get started! Sync your account to Adobe Stock now.