Anna Cor is a lifestyle photographer based in Berlin and a contributor for the Adobe Stock Premium Collection. She is also one of the local artists that recently took part in an exciting challenge: Adobe Stock asked select photographers to choose three of the most-searched keywords on our database and re-interprete them in an original shooting.

Anna is used to working with commonly searched words and focusing on everyday life. “I find inspiration everywhere.” she explains, “I love to look for beautiful moments in the world around me and capture them with my camera.”

For the Adobe Stock challenge, she chose the words cat, flowers, and coffee, as they conjured up the most interesting images in her mind. Anna took the photos in her studio, which also happens to be her apartment. She often uses the space as a backdrop for her creative and stylish interpretations of different themes. “In the future, I believe we will see a broader range of images, which are more artistic, moving away from the normal portrayal of everyday life towards more complex compositions,” she says.

The premium result.

These complex compositions to which Anna refers are exactly what Adobe Stock’s Premium Collection has to offer. Created by some of the world’s leading photographers and agencies, the collection provides content that is visually striking and emotionally impactful, with a strong narrative element. At present, there are around 100,000 hand-selected images in the collection – each one selected by a team of expert curators to ensure their commercial, technical, and artistic quality.

Anna’s final composition for the challenge perfectly depicts the kind of photos you can find in the Premium Collection. The three keywords she chose are combined in an elegant and seamless arrangement – with an understated artistic flair.

You can find out more about the production process for her image in the short video interview below:

Last but not least.

Next up on the blog we reveal the results from our final contributor who took part in the Adobe Stock challenge: Mike Fouque from Marseille. Discover how different locations and a strong regional connection can influence the angle and approach a photographer takes – from the theme selection to the final outcome.

To learn more about the local contributors who took part in the challenge, you can check out a new short video on our website.