Stefan and Janni Dahl are the owners of Flamingo Images in Copenhagen – a successful commercial advertising photography business focused on lifestyle, fitness, and corporate photography. The creative duo was among the group of local contributors who Adobe Stock recently asked to take part in a creative challenge. Their quest? To rethink some of the most searched-for keywords on Adobe Stock and come up with a fresh visual interpretation.

Going the extra mile.

So how did Stefan and Janni take their selected search terms to the next level? Having gone for business, team, and travel, they decided to focus on two things: the right location and the right people

Impressively, they managed to get permission to shoot “air side” at Copenhagen Airport – the area beyond security. This is no easy feat given the licenses and authorization required. “In this business, you spot good locations when they are there,” Stefan says.

Next up were the models. As with most of their shoots, the pair decided to work with non-professionals. According to Stefan, “ordinary” people are often easier to mold. “You can get them to be the person you want them to be in the picture,” he explains. It just requires good direction.

Get a closer look at the airport shoot in the video below:

Understanding the client.

Having been in the business for many years, Stefan and Janni know the key to success. “You really have to critique your own work,” says Stefan, “you need to find out what the customer actually wants, and then make sure you meet those needs.”

We couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. To meet the needs of our clients, we don’t only offer diversity in terms of content, but also in terms of formats. Alongside classic photos, Adobe Stock also offers Videos, 3D Assets, Vectors, Templates and Illustrations. The latter offers digital and hand-drawn illustrations from some of our most expressive artists. From landscapes and objects to more imaginary scenes and ideas, this additional set of images adds further options to help you find the perfect match for your projects.

Big elephant, walking in the apartment rooms. 3d concept

To learn more about the different formats available, simply start exploring for yourself! And stay tuned… In our next blog, we’ll introduce another part of the project. Discover how Anna Cor – a local contributor for the Adobe Stock Premium Collection – selected her three search terms and took them to the next level as part of the Adobe Stock challenge.

For now, don’t forget to check out a short video on our website that introduces all the contributors that took part.