Adobe Stock is all about diversity of content, offering creatives everywhere 120 million assets to set their work apart. Pushing the boundaries of “classic” stock photography is part of the mission, which is why we sent three of our contributors on an exciting quest to change the face of what stock content can be.

The task.

We asked Anna Cor, Mike Fouque, and Stefan and Janni Dahl aka Flamingo Images to rethink some of the most searched-for keywords on our database and create their own unique visual interpretation – stock photography reimagined. “Food”, “beach”, “office”, “team”, “sport”, “cat”, “business”, “coffee”: These are some of the everyday search terms our talented three were allowed to choose from. The stock photo shoots that resulted from this dazzled us with their creativity!

The execution.

We followed each contributor as they got to work, documenting how they designed, directed, and edited their images. From cosmopolitan Copenhagen through bustling Berlin to the sundrenched south of France, we watched the artists combine their individual styles and locations to make the ordinary… extraordinary. Get a glimpse for yourself:

The results.

So, which of the most common keywords did our contributors go for? How did they tackle the task of combining individual search terms that were previously not related? And what do their final creations look like? All will be revealed in the next few weeks – stay tuned.

Meanwhile, you can take a closer look at the participating artists’ work here: