They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But on Adobe Stock, a word is also worth a thousand pictures. By working with the largest creative community in the world, the next generation stock marketplace offers a unique content collection, where each contribution provides a local and individual interpretation of a keyword. This diversity of content, combined with intelligent search options and filter mechanisms, makes it easy for users to discover exactly what they are looking for.

So, what are you looking for?

A recent search analysis revealed the top keywords users searched for in the last few months. Favorites included “food”, “beach”, “office”, “team”, “sport”, “fitness”, “cat”, “business”, and “coffee”. Of course, these words will mean different things to different users, resulting in diverse expectations when it comes to stock content. So, how to find the perfect match?

Start with format. On top of photos, vectors and illustrations in the images section, Adobe Stock offers the hand-curated Premium Collection and the Editorial Collection featuring newsworthy content from around the world. The steadily growing video collection offers royalty-free footage in HD and 4K. For those who wish to enter a whole new dimension, 3D assets are the way to go, and thousands of templates make sure that creatives never have to stare at a blank page again.

If you are open to various format types, but have a clear idea of topic, or if you are merely seeking inspiration, you can browse our selection of popular categories. Collections include business, nature, travel, family, and food, so you know you’re starting in the right place.

Search beyond words.

In order to help you find the perfect image as quickly and effortlessly as possible, Adobe Stock has introduced innovative search methods that enhance the traditional keyword search. “Visual search” allows you to drag an image into your browser and find similar stock images on the database, which is perfect when you need a certain stock photo you find yourself struggling to describe. “Aesthetic filters” allow you to search for images with certain degrees of depth of field or vivid colors, simply by moving the respective slider up and down.

A global collection with local results.  

Adobe Stock works for both those with a clear idea and those who just wish to browse. One thing you can be sure of: Thanks to our community of creative contributors, common keywords do not mean common results. But don’t just take our word for it: Start testing it out and stay tuned for our next posts, when we’ll be joining our contributors for some truly exceptional photo shoots.

Start exploring Adobe Stock!