In broad terms, Vasava is a communications studio headquartered in Barcelona that has become a benchmark in the city for design that often stretches beyond the city limits, where it is welcomed as a guest to the best events of the design world. Founded in 1997 by Toni and Bruno Sellés (father and son), followed a year later by third partner Enric, and therefore forming the perfect and definitive team; a dynamic and multi-disciplinary trio, as reflected in the logo; an inverted triangle with an infinite Escher quality.

They chose the name Vasava, a Hindu deity, for its sound and ability to cross all sensory fields. From the studio’s beginnings, they have shown their own work, like Vasava Leisure, as well as the edition of the books Evophat and 1×1, a graphic investigation into the use of pixels.

But as we were saying, this is just a broad definition, as Vasava really can’t be defined as either a studio or an agency. It combines elements of both but is made up of so much more. We could say that it’s like a laboratory, an anarchic creative space, where these days, a team much larger than the original and made up of people of dissimilar and multi-faceted profiles, cooks up experiments and creations of all types. Their recipes join typography, illustration, interactive design and animation, fundamentally.

The studio’s commercial success resides in the necessity to experiment, to take risks, both at work and at home. Personal and artistic design projects have shown up in books and expositions all over the world. Vasava has put on conferences in Los Angeles and Stockholm, Beijing and Buenos Aires…

This strategy has won it the loyalty and respect of clients like Nike, Hennessy, Adobe, Diesel, 55DSL, Mango, Budweiser, Red Bull, Zara, Tous, FC Barcelona, Louis Vuitton, Variety Magazine, Billboard Magazine and Jay-Z, among others.

It’s also quite common to see the studio’s work show up in magazines and in interviews on the commissioned work being done: they’ve done illustrations for Billboard and Fast Company and covers for Variety. But this portfolio is not only filled with big names, but also includes album sleeves and festival posters, designs for friends and family, because Vasava comprehends the creativity in its totality. They design because they can’t do anything else, all of their lives building for and because of “their creative laboratory”.