David McCandless is a writer, creative director and artist based in London. He is the founder of Information is Beautiful, where, together with a small team, he works to convert data and information into comprehensible graphics and diagrams that are both useful and visually compelling.

David has worked as a journalist, a creative director, an editor and a scriptwriter for video games. Among his business clients are standout names like Google, GE, SAP, Kantar and Facebook. He is also the author of two successful infographic books. Information is Beautiful (2009), edited by HarperCollins in the US and in the UK, has been published in ten languages. In 2014, the same publishing house put out the sequel, Knowledge is Beautiful. Both books use the visualization of data and the design information to tell stories in a new way, transmitting interesting ideas and awakening the mind to how it sees graphics and information. His infographics have also been published in The Guardian and Wired, among other outlets. He is also the creator of the video game The Helicopter Game, one of the most addictive games that has circulated online of late.

Currently working as an information designer and a data journalist, his true passion, David McCandless enjoys the entire process connected to his work; the visualization of information – facts, data, ideas, problems, statistics, questions – searching for a way to transform information through graphics into something that anyone can understand.

For David, the design of information can help us to understand the world, to reveal hidden connections, patterns and history that live below the surface and that have as yet gone undetected. Anything strange can be interesting. The ideas that inspire him and that help him understand the world are love, beauty and truth. From these, all things are represented; from elements in nature, science, thought, food, pop and dogs.

Together with his Information is Beautiful team, they reveal data, information and knowledge of the world through beautiful and useful graphics and diagrams.

All graphics and images are based on facts and data. The mission is to illustrate them from multiple perspectives (even when not in agreement with the information). The ever-evolving knowledge and data is constantly being updated, then revised, and revised again then adapted.

What is clear from all of this is that this restless vocational infographic artist is always working on something, and count on it being strange and interesting.