Seb Lester studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins of London, and since he was a child his hands always held pencils, drawing nonstop. He is a designer, artist and calligrapher. After years of living in the capital of England, he decided to move to Lewes in East Sussex, where he currently has his studio. As if looking out through his window onto medieval times, he works surrounded by boxes of paper, pens, ink, books and computers.

Among his creations are typographic logos and illustrations drawn for corporations, publications and trigger events. And he could boast as well about the work he’s completed for NASA, Apple, Nike, Intel, The New York Times, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and the new edition of The Catcher in the Rye.

His love of letters began in college thanks to a book he casually came across in the library. The Graphic Language of Neville Brody overshadowed him in such a way that he began to create designs while aspiring to reach the power, originality and beauty of the graphic works of Brody. In reality, he admits to a genuine addiction to typography, through which he fell in love, connecting emotionally to the alphabet while dedicating the majority of his time to study and draw letters, scrutinizing the shapes and creating his own artistic language.

Recently, he was ordered to design some letters for Norman Foster. He also developed a logo for a space mission for NASA, although by his own recognition, working with clients limits his artistic abilities in certain ways by creating repetition. His goal is to concentrate on art and to produce letters without any sort of limitation, to share his love for calligraphy and to create new forms of letters that will span across time, as he considers their timeless beauty the gift of his greatest work.

Although the first impression of his work is in its striking visual distinction, it all comes together in a profound harmony, equilibrium, contrast, proportion, rhythm and movement.

Without a doubt, he has managed to transmit the magic of typography through his social networks, through which many other artists seek out inspiration or where designers and lovers of design gather, curious of the world of letters, to establish authentic dialogue with Lester’s artistic expression.