A graduate of Animation from the Edinburgh College of Art and now established in London, Anna Ginsburg exudes talent and creativity wherever she goes, as if these qualities were a liquid that seeps into every work commissioned to her, as she shapes art out of all that enters her mind.And to describe this young animator, you would begin with her infinite versatility and creativity. You may not pin her down t0 one particular style, but the work of this multifaceted filmmaker does have as a common denominator an uncommon nuance that combines method and technique, almost always pulling together the technological with a touch of the manual, whether strokes of watercolor, modeling or drawing over digital images.This means 2D animation, 3D modeling, illustration, video editing or whatever is handed to her. Ginsburg’s every piece marries geometric detailing and interaction with artistic elements to incorporate the base image. A good example of this pairing is the music video for ‘Vamala’ byChamps.

Although the music video is her favorite form of expression—as it lovingly respects the visualization of a melody as a complement to a sound—Ginsburg has created pieces of every kind. From her own short films to visuals for operas by Benvenuto Cellini or concerts by Disclosure that bring together many more video clips, a Christmas video for the illustrious seasonal campaign of John Lewis or a commercial for toothpaste, among other advertising gems.A shout out goes to pop culture as well. Ginsburg gets inspiration from the creativity of Beyoncé, David Hockney, FKA Twigs and even MissyElliot, as well as from her contemporary colleagues, who reflect all this creative liberty in their pieces, and evoke an almost rebel thought to satisfy the curious, “and what would happen if I try to combine this technique with this artist in this piece to communicate this message? How would it turn out?”  And it’s exactly the experimental in her work and the risk she’s willing to make that sets Ginsburg apart into much more than just an animator.Among her most well known works, it is worth noting a piece for which she was awarded a Bafta for Best New Piece in the New Talents category,How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep? Or her critique of the little attention that is given to feminine pleasure in global dialogue around sexuality, Private Parts.

Her portfolio imparts satisfaction all around, and it’s obvious that Anna Ginsburg likes animation to be the focal point within the artistic disciplines that most call her attention. These include drawing, sculpture,video, photography, creative writing, music, popular culture and storytelling, in other words, practically all that exist.And in this way, among her own artistic works and the works commissioned by clients such as Island Records, The Welcome Trust, the BBC, Reebok and many more, Ginsburg leaves her mark of creativity in the panorama of modern animation coming out of London—and globally.