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At the show

People at the movies, concerts, plays, and other recreational destinations.

Emotional expression

Photos depicting a range of human emotions: anxiety, sorrow, anger, disappointment, happiness, and more. All ages, genders, and backgrounds. Emphasis on genuine emotion.

Everyday life

Candid shots of everyday life capturing the natural expressions of subjects at different times of the day.

Family life

Families spending time together at home and outdoors, in leisure, and in daily life. Nuclear and extended families, mixed-race families, and pets.

Happiness and joy

Authentic lifestyle content that exudes warmth, happiness, fun, and enjoyment. Shots that highlight the positive aspects of life and accomplishments.

Luxury living

People enjoying a luxurious lifestyle: travel, transportation, fashion, interior design, and food.

Morning routines

Waking up, getting dressed, making and eating breakfast, and preparing for work. Other morning routines featuring families, couples, children, and single adults.

Social media

All types of people in all stages of life engaging with social media and contemporary technologies.


Big, happy celebrations and surroundings: ceremonies, receptions, and parties. Alternative, nontraditional ceremonies and weddings from other cultures.

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