Landscapes and cityscapes may seem like two polar opposite subjects. One embraces nature, the other human civilization. But they both have the power to inspire awe and wanderlust, and transport us to faraway lands and foreign cities. They let us marvel at the power of Mother Nature and at the ingenuity of human invention.

Out buyers are looking for captivating travel and landscape photos and videos from around the globe. If you have content that falls into any one of these categories, we encourage you to upload them today!

Snapshots of Earth

Earth’s vistas, landscapes, and beauty. Exceptional shots that convey an emotional or spiritual message.

haew suwat waterfalls in khao yai national park north eastern thailand

Exotic Plants

Unusual flowers with vibrant colors.

Exotic Animals

Exotic and rare animals in the wild or in captivity.

Chilean Flamingo


Aerial and ground views of cities of the world. Contemporary shots of local cultures and activities: food, transportation, architecture, and shopping.

Young beautiful female traveler standing on the street and looking at the map

City Skylines

Establishing shots of city skylines during sunrise, sunset, and golden hour, including silhouettes.

En Route

People preparing for travel and packing for a trip. Scenes from the airport.

train stop at railway station with sunset

Remember to obtain model or property releases when submitting any images or footage that feature recognizable people or landmarks. You can see our entire list of content needs here.