Who doesn’t love to eat? Many of us eat with our eyes first before even taking a bite of food and the popularity of food photos have exploded since the proliferation of social media channels. Our customers are currently looking for images and videos of the food industry, from farmers markets to cozy kitchens, manufacturing plants and agricultural lands to the neighborhood bar. If you have content that falls into any of these categories, submit them to Fotolia today!

In the kitchen

Food being prepared and cooked in a contemporary kitchen, with and without the chef.

Mother and child baking together - child spreading yolk on honey cakes

Street Food

Street eats and local delicacies. People enjoying food in a casual manner with the city as the background.

Slow motion

Drinks being poured in slow motion into various glass types: martini, beer, and regular glass. Slow motion of food being prepared, washed, cut, and cooked.


Factories that create food in an automated fashion. Large-scale production showing creation process.

Contemporary bartender

Male and female bartenders at work mixing, pouring, and shaking drinks. Multiple types of bars: modern, old-fashioned, pub, and club.

Barman is decorating cocktail with rocket

Farmers market

Traditional farmers markets and special localized markets. Show unique ingredients and people interacting with one another and shopping for food.

Friendly woman tending an organic vegetable stall at a farmer's market and selling fresh vegetables from the rooftop garden

If you have any images or videos that falls into any one of these categories, upload them today!