It’s no surprise that one of the most popular and best selling category on Fotolia is content featuring people. Authenticity is key to images that feature models, and we are looking to add more genuine images of people of all ages, backgrounds and body types to our collection.

Early Schooling

Shots of preschoolers and early school life focusing on basic learning such as addition and subtraction, learning the ABC’s, nap time and social interactions.


Contemporary teenagers in various social situations, including at home and at school, at parties and at shopping centers, bowling alleys and other social destinations. Teens of all ethnic backgrounds.

Mature Adults

Older individuals, couples or groups enjoying hobbies and activities, attending events and interacting with each other and with other generations.



Authentic shots showing women and couples throughout various stages of pregnancy. Women of all ethnic backgrounds and body types.


Scenes of authentic heterosexual and homosexual couples interacting, on dates and enjoying each other’s company. All ages and ethnicities.


Gay Male Couple With Children Walking By Lake


Scenes of people overcoming or dealing with various disabilities in everyday situations and in athletics.

Explosive start of athlete with handicap

Before & After

Images and time lapses of people being transformed through positive lifestyle changes.  Before and after images of weight loss and personal beauty.

Real bodies

Plus sized models, average body types, expanding diversity and highlighting body positivity.

Street fashion, plus size model

If you have any images or videos that falls into any one of these categories, we encourage you to submit them today. Remember to obtain model releases when submitting any images or footage that feature recogni