The cooler days have begun and Fotolia by Adobe presents the image trends for the coming season. Based on keyword queries, downloads, and file uploads, our Fotolia by Adobe/Adobe stock content team has analyzed the visuals that will especially see special demand this fall.  

Trend 1: Technology is and remains a trend

Group of workers at small parts manufacturing factory in China, wearing protective clothing, hats and masks

Computers and tablets have conquered the classroom, smartwatches make up the extended arm of our mobile phones, and augmented reality and virtual reality make the dreams of science fiction aficionados come true. We can no longer do without new and old technologies in our day-to-day life. And we can’t do without them in fall image trends either!

Trend 2: It must be authentic

passionate young couple in the mountains

Back to nature: Hiking, camping, and glamping are some of the catchwords that describe this slogan which has trendily presented itself in a renewed hippie revival lately. Digital natives especially desire a retreat from fast-paced day-to-day life and refocus on dealing more responsibly with the environment. That can also be observed in visual language, where this trend makes itself noticeable thanks to empathy and authenticity.

Trend 3: Minimalism in lieu of opulence

Turquoise donut, spoon and tea on blue background. Art food

Minimalism is expressed in a reduction of complexity and constitutes an antithesis to the opulent flood of images of our digital age. Nowadays, everyone is “connected” and “always on”. Every day we are bombarded with numerous images through many different channels. To create a balance, photographers and designers have picked up on a desire for a reduced and organized visual language, which, for instance, is reflected in the ongoing trend of flat lay photography.

Trend 4: Chaos as a design principle 

Artist carrying ladder near mural wall

A trend like Kate Moss’ tooth gap: Order is only half of life – and consistent perfectionism, not only strenuous but boring over the long term. Therefore, (photo) artists discovered the imperfect, the wasteland and the chaotic to be the appropriate design tool. There are hardly boundaries and tools here; rather, expressive, luminous colors and wild, mixed textures and shapes.

Trend 5: Video content on the rise

There’s no way around it: Video content is increasingly taking over the marketing world. It’s no wonder since videos convey content in a captivating, thrilling manner, therefore bringing brands and consumers closer together. This effect makes video an indispensable tool for digital communication strategies. By the way, according to marketing experts, video content will make up 74 percent of web traffic in 2017. 

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