Autumn is arguably the most poetic season. Nature is at its best to show us magnificent transformations and panoramas. The air becomes crispy, the wind starts to blow and the world around us start to change colors.

The autumn is the perfect moment to plan some outdoor adventures with your family, friends, pets or simply to enjoy the solitude and feel the energy given by the nature. Pack your equipment and start your journey. Find inspiration in the light, during this season every moment is a special one, share with us your best pics.

Here are some of our favourite images of the season from Fotolia to get you inspired.

two sisters are twins in the autumn woods covered with blankets

Central Park, New York City

Mixed breed dog and Jack Russell Terrier

Things for travel on wooden table

Man Hiking with camera in countryside

Traveler woman sitting on a tree

bearded brutal man in warm hat lumberjack with an ax in a forest at sunset, and the thick forest in the rain, closeup portrait

artistic portrait of freckled woman

cute child girl making herbarium at home, autumn seasonal crafts