It takes strong direction, a lot of planning and a happy crew to get the results of footage producers Wundervisuals. Kevin and Pascal’s portfolio is playful, colourful and engaging, making you wish you were part of the creation.
They keep their content fresh by working with a great team, using unique perspectives, and leaning on their first love, photography, to capture their signature dreamlike footage.

We asked the duo about their photo background and how they came to shoot stock footage:

We both started with photography in our teenage years. Kevin’s love for it started with Lomography; it’s rough or dreamy vibes, interesting colors, light leaks and the unconventional way to shoot from the hip. Pascal’s passion for photography was triggered by the power of an image. Images can take you to exotic places, relive moments or spark emotions. We both met during the photography apprenticeship and started our own company together seven years ago.
At first we focused on wedding photography and did stock on the side. That time was a bit like a photography boot-camp since you are under a lot of pressure, can only influence the environment so little and still have to compose beautiful images. After a while we discovered the freedom the stock business offered us and now we are a 100% stock company for two years now.

What attracted you to video?

Creating videos was a new way of story telling for us. We have been photographers for several years before we discovered videos with the introduction of video to DSLR cameras. Before that showing an emotion was limited to the one frame: a photograph.
Now video enables us to show how a group of friends break out in laughter or kids enjoying a rain of confetti in a 5-30 second sequence. Soon we realized the joy and beauty of slow motion videos. Our creativity got an extra boost from that realization. Which movements, angles or props look especially awesome in slow motion.

Recently we added a new piece of equipment to drive the passion for videos even further: a drone. It is challenging but also rewarding to create new videos with an aerial view. Innovations like this will keep our minds fresh and our stock footage in the spirit of the time

A big thank you to the boys for taking the time out to talk with us. If you would like to see more of their work check out their portfolio, their facebook page or their showreel on Vimeo.