Watching children play, changing mundane objects into cameras and cappuccino makers, shows us the ease and flow of their imagination and creativity. It is creative intelligence that lets us imagine, that allows our minds to shape things that are not present, which do not exist and what we never have experienced. All children have these skills; they’re not regarded as special or talented.

Schoolboy with laptop in robotics class

Set in a greenhouse tomato
However, when this creativity is encouraged, cultivated and valued by society, we give these small creators a chance to grow into tomorrow’s inventors, engineers, doctors, designers and artists.

Within an ever-changing global economy creative intelligence is not only esteemed in the design disciplines. Many sectors are shifting their focus to creative thinking for professional self-development and innovation. This way of viewing the world and our place in it allow us to raise hypotheses and to see new possibilities, to speculate, to help us visualize and realize alternative solutions.

Scientist old professor. Vector flat illustration

Sound engineer working at mixing panel in the boutique recording studio.

woman restoring table

When we utilize people’s creative intelligence from childhood to adulthood, we can squash the myth that creativity is a talent for a few special people. Its time to play, cultivate interests, collaborate, challenge, try new material and approaches, test the supposed limits!


Doctor fitting orthopaedic sling to patient

Interfacce digitali e connessioni ovunque

Two young female designers looking at handmade model in creative office

Play is an important part of growing up, it helps you understand how things work, and how to find innovative solutions to problems. When we bring play into our learning and working environments it naturally brings about a collaborative, flexible atmosphere where people feel confident to challenge the established patterns of how things are done.

Full length side view of man video shooting while skateboarding outdoors

Beyond innovation, play can help relieve stress and connect you to the world and others around you. It’s not only a game; it’s a state of mind where we feel challenged, focused, creative and alive!