Vanessa Marsh is not an astronomer, but a photographic artist. And even though she doesn’t come from a distant planet, her head is firmly in the stars, as can be seen with her Falling series which launches us into a journey through the cosmos.

That which at first glance resembles astronomy pictures taken with a telescope is in fact a mix of photography and painting which takes Jackson Pollock’s dripping technique to a whole new intergalactic level.

The work of Vanessa Marsh, who describes herself as an explorer of the clash between human know-how, nature, and cosmology, is actually the result of a meticulous process performed in the darkroom which consists of painting negatives before enlarging them. A technique perfected over time by the artist, who began this series in 2014.

Nebula 20 20x16 _ Chromogenic Photogram _ 2015

Arches 216x20 _ Chromogenic Photogram _ 2015

Horizon 1 20x16 _ Chromogenic Photogram _ 2016

Mountains 2 30x60 _ Chromogenic photogram _ 2014