In a new series on the blog we’ll be featuring make-up tips from professional make-up artist Sandra Bermingham to ensure you can easily create the perfect ‘look’ for whatever thematic scenario you’re shooting.

Young woman doing plank exercise

As August comes to an end, our fascination with sports thrives (thanks Summer Games for the endless hours of acceptable television watching). Sports photography therefore is a perfect subject to start with. Here’s Sandra’s top tips for creating an authentic, yet crisp make up look:

Makeup for fitness shoots looks best when it’s simple yet polished. An overly made-up face can be quite distracting in a fitness/sports shoot; the idea is for the model to look fresh faced and healthy.

I find BB bases or tinted moisturizers work well as they allow the skin to breath, and are less likely to need too many touch ups. It’s important to use a concealer in the same tone to cover any blemishes or under eye dark circles, a light dusting of translucent or colorless face powder will set the makeup.

Strong woman with muscular body

Blotting the face with a tissue between shots may reduce the need to powder, therefore eliminating the chance of the makeup ‘caking’ throughout the day.

Eyebrows look best lightly groomed with a soft eyebrow pencil in light strokes to fill any gaps and set with an eyebrow gel.

Eyeshadow is fine if kept simple in a sheer color, nothing too matte nor too shimmery, and a tone that is flattering to the skin tone, I find soft warm tones  here work best. Add more definition with waterproof mascara.

Portrait of CrossFit athlete with gymnastic rings

Peachy blusher or bronzer, again, nothing too shimmery is best. Try to avoid anything too pink. I find the warmer tones look more natural such as peach or coral on the apple of the cheeks giving a nice fresh lift to the face.

If you want the model to have that sweaty, glistening look I find the best way to achieve this is 50/50 mix of glycerin (you will be able to find this at your local pharmacy) and water, in a water spray. The glycerin simulates droplets of sweat and is less likely to evaporate so quickly.

Attractive woman sweating after  heavy workout in the gym

A simple coat of tinted lip balm or gloss should be enough to finish the look off perfectly.

Sandra Bermingham has been a makeup artist for over 25 years, working in fashion, television and advertising. 

Her Clients include Sony, Bulgari, Protein World, Topshop Jaegar, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett & Packard, Aquascutum, Fabergé. 

Sandra’s celebrity list includes Idris Elba, Elizabeth McGovern, Simon Pegg and Elsa Pataky.