An exceptional climate, amazing landscape and wildlife, popular festivals, and colorful cities lined with heavenly beaches and beautiful people: Brazil is a world unto itself! Here is a little introduction to this beautiful country through our most inspiring content.

As the first host of the Olympic Games in South America, this summer the spotlight is focused on Rio de Janeiro and there is a good chance that the entire earth will fall in love with the pearl of Brazil!

Let’s starts with a couple of facts! Indeed the people you meet on Ipanema beach are young, tanned and charming! As the largest Art Deco statue in the world, Christ the Redeemer attracts crowds on Mount Corcovado. During Carnival in Rio, the city buzzes with countless festivals combining music, dance and colorful costumes.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, sportive woman walking on pavement

landscape of brazil

Silhouettes of Musician and Audience Arpoador Rio Brazil
Brazil is also a country of marked contrasts; the vastness and luxury of some buildings is often on the scale of poverty that reigns next door in the favelas.

View of San Paolo on suny day, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro downtown and favela.

Boy (8-9) playing football in city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nearly half of South America is tropical paradise for wilderness lovers, hosting the Amazonian rainforest, known to be “the green lungs of the world”. From the endless Amazon River to the colossal Iguaçu Falls, the Brazilian landscape scales the extremes.

Aerial Shot of Amazon rainforest in Brazil, South America

Rio de Janeiro

Power of mother Nature demonstrated by a Waterfall

Brazil is also known for its incredible energy as well as for its languor, for its rainforests and the jungles of the cities. Immoderation! This is perhaps the key to Brazil.

Top View of Copacabana beach with mosaic of sidewalk in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil

For Rio and Brazil in general, the Summer Olympics are part of the continuity of the local policy to open the country to the world. One thing is certain: visit once inevitably makes you want to return to explore further.