As the Rio Olympics really starts to heat up, we wanted to celebrate the spirit and dedication of the world’s greatest athletes with a selection of our best sporting content. Documentation can be a great way to build your portfolio, and develop your photography skills as you have to adjust to a range of situations, capturing action, stills and the intimacy and personal development of your subject.

We want to see every step of the athlete’s journey; the training, the sweat, the winning and loses, as well as sportsmanship and camaraderie involved. Like all events the action is the focus, but it’s also important to capture details (boxing gloves for example) and the bigger picture of the environment (the boxing arena.)

As with all themes, the more distinguished your style, the more your content will stand out. Tell a story, and research all sports, traditional and extreme! Please note, when submitting sporting content to avoid trademark misuse, in both your content and your indexing. We cannot accept any visible labels/logos on clothing nor in the environment.

There are also gaps in our collection, such as differently abled sports people and women competing in physical contact sport, that requires representation.

Balance Beam

thai boxing

Two professionl boxers are fighting on arena

The girl gymnastics is back with gymnastic ribbon

Feet on gymnastics floor

little girl doing balance on rhythmic gymnastics

second and fighter a break between rounds