Could there be a happier color than yellow? The color of sunshine, gold, lemon, daffodils and of course submarines; there is a freshness and joyful intellect associated with it and a certain cheekiness. It is also the color most associated with cowardice, and yet in Japan it’s the color of courage. In the East, royalty is associated yellow, much as purple is in the West. And don’t think of buying your partner yellow flowers in France: it’s a sign of infidelity.

Yellow is the most visible color of the spectrum and has a high light reflective value, which makes it such a popular color for designers and brands.

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Adorable little blond boy playing with big yellow car - outdoor

background of yellow spring flowers

Col du Midi on Mont Blanc, Chamonix, Rhone Alps, Haute Savoie, France, Europe

Yellow car casting shadow on blue background

Child looking through a hole

Couple in old-fashioned car on road trip

Portrait of laughing young man standing in front of wooden wall

oil industry

Woman in yellow raincoat and red gumboots against waterfall