Sometimes you’ll take the best image but find it isn’t quite straight. There’s been some techniques you can use in Photoshop to help in the past, but with Photoshop CC 2015.5 everything’s bought together for a seamless workflow.

The image I’m using for this post is:

Eiffel tower, sunny summer day with blue sky and green Field of Mars

NB: This is a perfectly straight image, I’ve made it crooked for the purposes of demonstration. When I rotated and cropped I deleted the cropped pixels.

Straightening An Image

There’s a couple of ways to straighten an image in Photoshop using the Crop Tool.


Method One : The straighten tool: if there’s something in the image that you know isn’t straight click the Straighten tool in the contextual menu:


Click on one end of something vertical or horizontal, hold and drag the guide to the other end before releasing the mouse:



Method Two: If you’d prefer to rotate by eye, maybe there’s nothing vertical or horizontal or maybe you’d like it to be unlevelled then invoke the crop by clicking on the image with the crop tool and then taking the mouse outside the image:


Then click and track up or down to rotate the image:


Content Aware Crop


The issue you may have with either of these methods is that you could lose some of the image. In this example we’re losing some ‘head room’ at the top of the image and some of the grass area at the bottom.

To remedy this, select the Content Aware function in the contextual menu:


This will move the crop out to include as much of the image as possible too but you can still pull the crop further out should you wish using the 8 handles:


Then press Enter or click the tick:


Depending on the complexity of your image you may be able to leave it there, but for more complex shapes and textures you may need a little Clone Stamp or Content Aware Healing, Photoshop’s good, but it doesn’t know what a door is or where windows should end for example… yet?


As always, a huge thanks to Eric for supplying this tutorial. Stay tuned for next week and in the meantime, check out more of his tutorials on his website, YouTube and you can find him on Facebook and Twitter should you wish to get in touch with him!