At this point, there is no shadow of a doubt that Game of Thrones has made an impact on the history of television shows. Far and wide, an immeasurable number of people have become hooked on its very intense plot which, with its sixth season, seems to have reached its zenith. Good evidence of its categorical success has been: the myriad Emmy Award nominations that it ended up receiving (23 in total, which puts this series light years away from its competitors). The story has progressed beyond George R. R. Martin’s novel on which the series is based (something that had never happened before, even in cinema) and has been “blessed” with the Guinness record for being the most pirated series in the world.

At any rate, the series, created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for HBO, premiered in April, 2011, and since then, the medieval fantastical adventures and misadventures of its already legendary characters of the fictionalized continents of Westeros and Essos, have given rise to a large number of interpretations, merchandising, homages, and artistic tributes. Nevertheless, between all of this frenzy, the gif project that was brought about by Eran Mendel, has stolen the hearts of us and many others.

During the course of the last intense season of Game of Thrones, this Israeli illustrator and animator was creating some colorful and fabulous animated gifs showing the most cruel, traumatic, stellar, and bloody scenes that have been seen episode after episode. A huge success of the season, selected under the opinion of the most provoking moments have been gotten from the internet, and if you are a faithful fan of this show, you will recognize them with any problem. 

The most curious of Eran Mendel’s work, is that his illustration style with very primitive colors, combined with a palette of decidedly happy colors, changes these difficult scenes -some very close to gory- into something tragicomic, idyllic and precious.  This comedic tone, combined with the extraordinary and condensed communicative capacity of a gif, has dazzled so many followers of Game of Thrones that Mendel’s project has gone viral. You can see the rest here next…