Green is surely the most dominant color in nature. Fittingly associated with flora, this is a soothing, refreshing and invigorating color. It is affiliated with growth, harmony, fertility and environment.
In Western culture, green is often associated with hope and luck. However, in Europe it has not always been the case. Before the 19th century, green had a negative connotation. It was the color of instability and madness; jesters wore green clothing and folklore monsters were embellished in green.

Nowadays, green has a very positive image, symbolizing ecology and environmental protection. It also associated with health, usually used to indicate safety in the packaging of drugs and medical products. Since it is directly related to nature and energy, it is commonly used to represent and promote ‘organic’ products.

Refined, clean and contemporary, we present to you our Green Gallery:

Aurora Borealis reflected between two fjords in Troms

Half length of two young blonde and black hair modern businessman posing leaning against a wall, both taking out their sunglasses - business, successful concept

Muscular caucasian woman in a gym doing heavy weight exercises. Young woman doing weight lifting at health club.

Fashion accessory. Sunglasses, vintage camera and smartphone on green background, top view. Trendy colorful photo

Red white tulip field with bulbs in wooden box on human hands

Worker inspecting circuit board during manufacture in circuit board factory

Close up shot of bartender garnishing fresh green cocktail with a basil leaf. Barman preparing basil smash cocktail.

Mother and daughter ride a scooter and bicycle together

beautiful blonde lady laying on huge stone covered with green moss. Woman has curly old fashioned hair style. She is wearing green masculine shirt and black trousers. She is emotional and sexy.