Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini, are the brains behind the pseudonym Six N. Five. A visual studio that was founded in the city of Buenos Aires – but that just recently moved to Barcelona – whose aim is to give imagination free reign. Their projects, always blessed with a very post-modern hyper-realistic perfection, walk with a firm step into the world of art. Looking, almost as a rule, to inspire emotions in the viewer. Still lifes and digital sculptures that don’t forget their roots in the world of design, but that are becoming a paradigm of contemporary visual experimentation. After seeing them at the OFFF 2016 Festival we interviewed them to learn more about both their origins, as well as their studio’s upcoming projects.

The first thing I want to know about is the meaning behind your name. If I translate it literally [to Spanish] I get something like six and five. Say it was a time, five past six, what happens at that time? And why did the end of the working day end up being the name of your studio?

OK, you’ve got it! You’re the first person that’s gone in for a literal translation. Over the years, when Eze and I have worked with agencies, studios and producers, leaving at 6:05pm was the exception, not the rule. We’re both really organized and that became our trademark.


Are you both from Buenos Aires? How do you guys know each other?

We’re both from Buenos Aires. We don’t know each other (hahaha). Our story is a bit weird: we’ve lived in the same city, had the same friends and worked at the same agencies for all our lives, but we’ve never got to know each other on a personal level over the years. We saw each other’s work and decided to work together to create something new. We accept each other. Nothing more, nothing less.

When and why did you decide to join forces and work together? And what are your individual roles in this tandem partnership?

In 2014 we decided to put our heads together and share our ideas. We developed Six N Five because no one else out there was doing the same thing. We wanted to express and show something that did not exist. Each of us has a very different background and that is our main strength. We know how to take a step back and respect the other’s vision.


Recently you moved to Barcelona. What made you take that step? Do you miss Buenos Aires?

Right now we’re living in Barcelona. A beautiful city that has opened the door to all kinds of experiments. Being in Europe allows us to travel more easily and meet people. Because of that we can produce projects in multiple countries at the same time in a more organic way. Buenos Aires is our home. We’ll always miss it. But it’s not that far either. One plane and we’re there!

You said before that your projects explore the frontier zone between design and art. Sometimes the line is very blurred  (art and digital sculpture and 3D work are all at an early stage of definition). How do you feel most comfortable being identified? And, how do you see art and design independently?

We are both designers. We are exposed to a lot of design and are surrounded by artists. We’re an unusual body of artists working as designers. The new platforms and techniques are looked down on by the elitist art world. And we love that. It’s just a matter of time.

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Has the fact you started working in agencies and have decided to leave that  had a hand in your artistic career?

On the contrary. We have always worked as artists for agencies. And that was what made the difference to our profiles. But obviously an artist needs more freedom. That’s why we developed Six N Five.

How do you identify yourselves within digital art? Where do you think this is going?

Digital? Art is beyond definition.

How do you tackle a new personal project and/ or assignment? Are there differences?

There are differences. We prefer to work with clients who give us freedom and who are happy to be surprised by what we come up with. That way always works best.


After looking at your work, I see there are four pillars that are common denominators, almost like a household brand: the hyperreality, surrealism, texturing and color. On a conceptual level, I notice in all your aesthetics an elegant suggestiveness. What do Six N Five look for? Besides the aesthetic experience, do you want to inspire reactions?

You’ve got it! That’s exactly what we want. We want you to feel something. We are always looking for the uncomfortable and challenging.

What has been your most important project to date? The one you’ll remember forever.

Stampsy was one of our first projects and we have a lot of love for it. Nowadays however, we’re looking for more extreme ways of expression, more sincere and responsive, as you can see in Morbo and in Autobiography .


How was the OFFF Festival 2016?

OFFF was a great opportunity to see lots of friends   over the course of three days. Loads of super-talented artists in the same place, enjoying a bit of sun and the start of spring. Sharing ideas and projects for the future.

I’d like to give you guys the chance to come up with a question for yourselves and answer it too.

What did you do before this? Eze competed in Taekwondo contests in Jamaica, China and Korea. Andy studied classical music.