Since the young designer Filip Hodas decided to share a daily render on his Behance profile at the beginning of 2015, we haven’t stopped traveling through places that are magical, gigantic and tremendously surreal. His perseverance and determination were key in making sure that today Hodas has an incredible dominance of the three dimensions, and is becoming an example to follow.

Filip Hodas 06

Filip Hodas 04

It’s no wonder that, with striking dexterity in the use of digital programs such as Machine, Octane and, above all, Cinema 4D, Filip Hodas has made the world inside his mind into a reality, through images of hyper-realistic landscapes, which masterfully strike a balance between what is reality and what is a dream.

Filip Hodas 09

As if by capturing a sort of postmodern Dali, Hodas’ hypnotic images are a treat for the eyes to get lost in. Scenes where recognizable natural landscapes such as cliffs, glaciers, lakes, volcanos, and valleys are mixed with invented and abnormal elements that perfectly blend in with the scenery. The result is manipulated spaces where one could spend hours noticing the details, and which automatically take us to some unknown intergalactic planet. However, these snapshots are not so hard to understand; not like far away places in outer space, but rather like extraterrestrial events on Earth.

Filip Hodas 15

What is clear is that with technological advances paving the way, the computer as a paintbrush and his unlimited creativity, this Czech designer, with his headquarters in the city of Prague, holds much promise within this extremely new form of artistic expression called digital art. And his flawless worlds invented in 3D will continue to catch our eye through a particular aesthetic that has been constructed and perfected based on many renders.

Filip Hodas 17

Filip Hodas 16

You can follow his evolution through his Instagram, Tumblr, Behance or Facebook, or get one of these extraordinary landscapes in print form on