New York artist Cindy Sherman is often considered to be one of the most influential photographers of the late 20th Century; her foresight into our own narcissistic evolution is why she’s often quoted as being the first person to make selfies an expressive art form.

Combining theatrical make-up and prosthetics with digital manipulation Sherman captures in this unorthodox series, a warped, exaggerated, richly poised and often grotesque scenario with herself, the subject, which in her latest work in exhibition currently in Brisbane, Australia, is a portrayal of clowns and society figures.

On first thought it’s a seemingly odd thematic combination, yet when viewed collectively it expresses a channeled vision of the disguise, the faces in which these two groups of people portray themselves for the world. Her own self-portrait displayed in the exhibition, bare-faced, prop-free is a symbolic icon of simplicity in a sea of disturbing exhibitionism.