There is no limit to creativity. Art is fed by numerous disciplines and elements that nourish it and lead it through new channels and audiences. Food is ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives; it allows us to survive. But what happens when food and art come together? Here, we’re going to show you the views of six artists who use culinary ingredients in their work:

Vanessa McKeown: this illustrator and photographer creates edible still lifes in stunning colors, combining food with everyday objects in the hope of providing humor to observers; she transforms the image that we usually associate with grapes, eggplants or tomatoes. Her Good Gone Bad series provoked various interpretations, starting a debate on today’s food. For the series, she used vegetables and healthy food together with unhealthy ingredients and fast food.



Benjamin Henon:  this photographer is notable for introducing objects and items into alien contexts, showing bizarre gastronomic offerings: hot dogs made with balloons, cakes made of sand or shoelace spaghetti. The Leurre du déjeuner series, which he produced together with the stylist Valentine Mazel, depicts a breakfast full of surprises. The work of this famous French photographer is highly varied, from photography for major global brands to abstract creations that are sure to surprise their audience.

Benjamin Henon-03


Brittany Wright: Brittany, who is from Seattle, treats food as an art form. In her photographs, she displays the entire range of color that you can find in food, from apples to freshly picked carrots. The ingredients become the stars of the show, placed in front of a stark white background. She shows the ageing process of fruit and vegetables up until their decomposition.

Brittany Wright 02

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj: this photographer, who lives in Copenhagen, specializes in advertising photography and editorial content. He captures minimalist shots that show the perfect recipe for a ratatouille, mash or dough, for example. With a simple, graphic style, he manages to create beautiful images that evoke elegance and tranquility.

Mikkel jul Hvilshøj

Mikkel jul Hvilshøj 02

Hedvig Astrom Kushner: this Swedish art director combines ingredients to create delicious smoothies which perfectly match colors from the Pantone chart. His Pantone Smoothie started as a small project which showed how one could experiment with food, creating smoothies in any Pantone color. It soon went viral, and his recipes spread thanks to smoothie enthusiasts.

Hedvig Astrom Kushner 03