Color symbolisms are primarily cultural and unbeknownst to us, influence our perception. The choice of colors is not harmless and should not be left to chance.

So, we wanted to take a little time out in the gray area.

Halfway between white and black, lies the color gray. To assume it bland and monotonous is to be shortsighted. It is timeless, practical, cool, neutral and balanced.

A calm and soothing tone, rather chic and sophisticated, often used in contemporary design and interiors. Gray is a tone you can easily associate with any color, or  activate and uplift by adding other colors to it, such as blue, purple, pink, green, yellow etc.

But that’s not all, gray has also become a color representing modernism establishing its popularity in web design as background color but also headlines and body copy text.

Refined, clean and contemporary, we present to you our Gray Gallery:

Retro black african tennis player wearing blue shirt and white sunglasses. Holding vintage racket. Studio shot against grey.

Stylish manicure in shades of gray female elegant handles.

Detail of a young handsome man posing in the street

Funny geek character. Isolated vector illustration.

Closeup image of female legs on the carpet