Papercraft is a technique that uses paper as a tool to create all kinds of three-dimensional figures. The creative possibilities are endless; folding and cutting around here, sticking there, you can make all kinds of “paper toys” or decorative figures that cause a great visual impact.

Today, there are multiple variants of Papercraft and it has become a discipline within the technical graphic design, but has its own baggage that traces back to the end of the First World War, when some publishing houses began throwing collectible paper models to put together, including pieces of artillery and different war materials used by Germany and the US.

We’ve all tried to create with paper at least once. From classic games of our childhood to late handicrafts and games. Today, there are many Papercraft enthusiasts who show the techniques they use through their YouTube channels, as well as artists who use paper as a medium and expression of their art (see previous article about an up-and-coming artist). Here we present some┬áincredible artists who manage to create real worlds with paper:

Zim & Zou: the French study made by Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann. Together, they create true sculptures with paper, other than working the graphic design and illustration. Their handmade objects made with paper, thread, leather and wood manage to invent authentic facilities where the protagonist is the color.

Zim & Zou_03

Mlle Hipolyte: botanic and plant elements are always present in the work of this French artist and designer. She creates rainforests with pieces of paper carefully cut with her hands, getting a tapestry composed of several embossed layers, where common jungle animals such as panthers or some birds also appear.

Mlle Hipolyte_01

Fideli Sundqvist: Illustrator, designer and paper artist, she works on the construction of three-dimensional objects inspired by everyday life. Her book “I love paper” is a manual that explains to creative readers how to develop the tools needed to create objects with paper. In the book, she shows about 40 pieces ranging from geometric shapes and more technical objects to paper art.

Fideli Sundqvist_01

Tommy Perez: this craftsman, doodler and designer fuses paper and food in his works, to give life to his special artistic interpretation; that is why pieces of food, wrappers, and bits of cardboard and glue can be found in Tommy’s work, thus achieving vibrant and colorful compositions.


Polly Lindsay: this British illustrator perfectly combines colored paper, scissors and glue. By overlaying pieces of paper, she manages to create deep and joyful images in three dimensions.

Polly Lindsay_02