White can be tranquil. Sterile. Bright. Cold. Serene. Pure. Clean. It can provide a base for other colors to POP out of. Or be the color to define itself against another. It can be used visually to create a fresh beginning, to wipe the slate clean. It is the light to black’s darkness.

Babies are born into this world with a perfect white balance, ready to immerse themselves with life’s vivid spectrum. And yet, along with black, it is also the color most often associated with death, a reinforcement of some cultural and religious beliefs whereby one life ends, another starts.

When it comes to imagery, white’s importance lies in the fact it is achromatic, meaning it can reflect all visible light of the spectrum. Discover some of our recent favorite white themed images here:

Wet cat

Typical Rural Icelandic Church under a blue summer sky

woman holding white balloons on seaside

roses flower wedding valentine background

Portrait of a girl in her crib

White wash staircases on Santorini Island, Greece. The view toward Caldera sea with cruise ship awaiting.

close up face of new zealand merino sheep in farm

Young tattooed woman wearing blank sleeveless t-shirt

Portrait of shar-pei dog with butterfly on nose