Just like nature waking from winter dormancy, many of us probably notice that the people around us seem more interested in romance. In the springtime, birds are singing, bees start pollinating, and we humans tend to be happier and more receptive to each other – more likely to fall in love.

couple of friends young man and woman
We gathered a couple of tips to help you capture the sparks of romance and to contribute to make this season the season of love!

The awakened nature offers a perfect stage for your romantic photos and we recommend using the location to enhance the shot. Selecting a place and a time in advance is highly recommended to take best advantage of the location: A stunning landscape or glorious sunset will insure truly gorgeous photos.

couple in love on the beach in autumn

The flattering spring light will set the tone of your pictures. The sunlight is not quite as harsh as in summer and you will enjoy a soft and harmonious lightning. Also, shade can act as a great diffuser: try to photograph your subject under the cover of a porch, awning, or the shade of a blossoming tree.

Portrait of loving young couple enjoying themselves on a road trip. Cheerful young man and woman in a car on holiday.

The temperature rise rhymes with thinner and less clothing! The first warm days truly are a great fashion inspiration and sidewalks often become a catwalk. But, as we want to focus on faces and emotions, try preparing light and simple apparel for your models. Avoid heavy stripes, loud prints, or plaid to prevent clothing from being a distraction in the photo.

cheerful pair of lovers in summer forest

Get closer. Standing near the subjects or using a zoom lens will help build a sense of intimacy – beneficial to your romantic pictures! A hand on a shoulder or a flirtatious smile can tell a lot about the situation. Getting close to your subjects and capturing their gestures will make the emotions tangible.

beautiful couple resting in the forest
A great romantic shot has to appear authentic, and for that your models need to feel comfortable. Help them to relax and be prepared to guide them into the different pose and mood you are attempting to capture. Be inventive and propose various scenarios. Just make sure to give your models enough time to get into it.

Couple traveling by car and holding hands
You are aiming for subtlety in your images and will ask your subjects to face away from the camera and connect more with each other. Capturing the right facial expression will be the most challenging aspect of the photo shooting. Fear and lack of confidence are shown through the eyes. So again, make sure that everyone is feeling serene.

Couple in love

There are many great ways to bring a feeling of romance into an image and you have to be imaginative. Try to diversify the posing to avoid contrived settings. For example, a man gazing at his beloved while she is not aware of it will be even more romantic than a staged shot.

wedding day in Budapest

It takes a little time to set the right mood in an image and special consideration should be taken when preparing a subject and scene for a romantic photo.

Senior couple drinking wine at campsite.

Remember to keep it natural and prepare yourself to press the shutter button when glances are exchanged and gestures happen, often the most romantic shots are not planned.