The market for stock photos is constantly evolving, and every day new agencies and new collections emerge, which makes stock photography be increasingly on everyone’s lips.

From the point of view of photographers, this market still has much room for growth in Spain. However, many authors from various disciplines (social, fashion, food, sports, travel, photojournalism) know the true potential your photos could achieve in the market. In most cases, they decide not to try for their lack of awareness of the market, because they do not know how to start or because they cannot devote enough time to establish a new business line, and therefore these talented professional photographers put aside the commercial exploitation of a growing market.

Addictive Stock Creatives is a producer that comes from years of experience and countless meetings with high-quality photographers who have shown interest in stock photos but have not been able to enter this market for the above-mentioned reasons. Thus, Addictive Stock Creatives is responsible for finding talented people and for these photographers to focus on creating high quality images without having to think about indexing, categorizing or any other of the more tedious parts of work in stock. In this way, they can focus on producing very high quality premium content with a consistent high volume of images.

Behind this agency is Victor Torres, a stock photographer who has been, for many years, a benchmark in Spain, and editor for The idea of ​​Addictive Stock Creatives is to centralize these authors’ work and to be responsible for the selection, key-wording and rise of files to the Infinite Collection, which offers premium images with a price higher than what is usual in micro-stock sale. In this way photographers only have to worry about what they like best: shooting and retouching.

Addictive is now in the process of attracting new talents from all disciplines, high-level photographers who want to try this market led by specialists in the field. If you consider yourself a photographer who has quality material, contact Addictive via this link.

You can also follow Addictive’s evolution on their Facebook page.

Reading elderly man sitting on the street

Three Friends Playing in a Street Basketball Court

Portrait of a girl in her crib

Brunette woman in a white dress in the woods

Man trekking on a snowy mountain