When it comes to a lot of things, putting the word ‘French’ in front of it will automatically get peoples attention; from fashion, to architecture, art and film (we can even add kissing), the addition of the word ‘French’ gives them a certain cache, class and panache.

There is one ‘art’ per se however that when it comes down to it, the French have really mastered, and that’s ‘Food’ with a capital ‘F’. France is the country of wine, cheese, bread and patisseries. Food is not just about the actual eating of it; but the environment in which you’re in, the company you’re with, the sourcing of the ingredients, the aromas and seasonality. Eating a croissant will never compare to eating a croissant, sitting outside a Parisian bistro with the faint smell of cigarette smoke and coffee wafting around you, whilst people watching.

Food is part of the French education; it’s spoken about and discussed with as much passion as the eating itself – an education that can take a while to learn. The order in which you eat your plate of cheese for example will be the true deciphering of you as a foodie or not (tip: start with the lightest, less strong first working up to the strongest).

Discover more mouth-wateringly glorious images of French Food in this dedicated gallery whilst weeping the lack of croissant or macaroon in your hand.

Close up slice camembert cheese

Fresh Pastel Colored Macarons

A person pouring rose wine from a bottle into a glass.

Organic artichoke in a former market in Paris, France

Breakfast in the cafe

Breakfast in the cafe

french dessert

french dessert

Fresh vegetables in French market in Paris

Close up of Escargots with garlic butter

Couple enjoying lunch at a restaurant, Paris, Ile-de-France, France