(Above image: Scott Barry)

The Risograph is a simple, bulky machine that was launched for the first time in Japan in the year 1986 by Riso Kagaku. It was developed as an alternative to widespread copying processes and is said to be the result of the union of serigraphy and photocopying. Fans of the Risograph defend it because, among other things, it’s an environmentally friendly device with ink composed solely of soy; it does not contain solvents; the printer, also known as a duplicator, uses very little energy. Its unique finish makes each work exceptional as it can produce variations that provide a personal character to each product during printing.

Below we’ve made an attractive selection of 10 artists, designers and studios from all over the world that work almost exclusively with The Risograph.

1. J.P King’s calendars were printed by the Risograph in the studio Paperpusher.

1. Paperpusher-Calendar
2. Scott Barry is an illustrator whose work is difficult to classify. He has published in Nieves, Good Magazine, IdN and Beautiful Decay.


2. Scott BArry - 3

2. Scott barry
3. Tommi Musturi is a Finnish artist who grew up on Ruokesi military base. He uses Risograph printing because he finds it precise, simple and easy to use.


4. The illustrator Sam Peet is part of the group “Brothers of the Stripe” which consists of illustrators, graphic designers and artists who focus on the image of the UK. The group allows them to support each other, to collaborate with one another and to join forces in order to achieve more.

4. sam-peet
5. Rich Fairhead and Chris Fairhead are brothers that are part of the group “El Famoso” which successfully links drawings by hand and Risograph printing.

5. Rich Fairhead y Cris Fairhead
6. Esther McManus draws comics. Her stories are developed in dreamlike landscapes marked by tradition and ancient folklore. Her engravings and drawings strongly portray a narrative where it is difficult to identify the line between fiction and reality.

6. Esther Mcmanus
7. KOOLIE, edited by Ditto Press, is a collection created by Sophy Hollington, Mark Simmonds, Adam Ferner, Esther McManus, Charles-Antoine and Nick Wood. This collection centers on the subject of vacations from multiple perspectives using Risography.

7.Koolie-book-dito press
8. In Barcelona, the Risograph publishing and printing house Lentejas Press serves as a platform for artists that do similar, hand-made work. They self-publish, broadcast, offer beginner courses for Risography and collaborate on various printed publications with Risograph technology, like Cor, which has already released five editions.

8. lentejas press 2 8. lentejas press 3 8. lentejas press
9. ‘We-make It’ is a Risograph printing studio, bookshop and exhibit in Berlin for artists who love hand-made work, self-published magazines and experimenting with printing material.

9. We make it - Diogenes artist book by shoboshobo
10. Hato Press is a studio located in London. Since 2009, they have dedicated their business to printing, editing and distributing new content printed by the Risograph.

10. 912A8689

10. Joack taylor Two By Four book published by Hato Press

10. shatopress-2-600x600

Original article by Xoana Fiz