Woman with her beautiful dog lying outdoors

In short, good file titles help our customers find your files alongside providing additional useful information about your image/illustration/video, all in all helping your work get licensed, and money as a result in your pocket.

Whereas bad titles bury your files in our collection, and on the off chance a customer happens to come past a poorly titled image/illustration/video they most likely wouldn’t license it if it offended their sensibilities.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a few helpful guidelines to remind you of the power of titles, and how it relates to your revenue!

Regarding the Adobe Stock search engine, your file titles play as much a role as your keywords for file relevancy. It is best to keep it short and simple and keep the title in the same language as your keyword!

. Try to describe the scene/scenario of the image/illustration/video in 5 to 7 words, and not 5-50 words of roaming poetry, as it may hurt your visibility.


Group of business people using computer at meeting 

To avoid bad titles, rather than becoming a master of language, just keep it simple. As ever try to think like a customer; what information is important to them? The activity, the location, the mood for example, not what happens next in the scene or what the file could be used for: ‘perfect for corporate marketing’ for example. The customer will know what a file could be used for, without it being spelled out to them. Also, do not include the file resolution (such as 4K) in your titles, and double-check your spelling and spaces and make sure the title corresponds with the file!


Pit bull in a hat and tie. Dog vector.

Pit bull in a hat and tie. Dog vector.

Keep it PC; do not use racist, or offensive terms as this will result in file refusal. The best advice we can give is to consider the model/content of your file, and to use respectful terms so to not offend your models or what they represent. Do not use terms such as fat/stupid or any radical/racist terms as this to will result in a direct file refusal.

Young people hanging out by swimming pool

Young people hanging out by swimming pool

We hope that following these guidelines for future file submissions will help your work be seen and licensed! Remember, play nice and keep it simple.