If you want to design your own seamless pattern, first you will need a good idea! Time, practice (and eventually a couple of tutorials to learn from the best) will do the rest. Finding the right digital texture for your project can be tricky and before starting on the creative process, you might appreciate going over the basics with us. We have selected a couple different pattern styles to help inspire your next design project.

Due to the considerable amount patterns you can find online, you might assume that creating a seamless tile is an easy task. When creating a website, designers knows that a background pattern can impact on the overall appearance and that creating a professional seamless pattern takes real skills. Once you learn how to make a seamless striped background you realize how endless the variations and possibilities can be.

We distinguish between two main types of pattern: There are the patterns made from icons and other vector-based elements (Illustrator); and the real-life patterns made from either scans or photographs (Photoshop). To increase the possibilities – and because both pattern types work great for different styles and situations – you should try to master both techniques.

Galaxy seamless pattern.

If you are photographer we recommend creating your own photo library for textures organised by colors, materials and structures. Once you have your library set up, Photoshop can help you turn these photos into digital texture and later seamless pattern. Illustrator will be more likely used to design icons and vector pattern.


blue watercolor circles

Good designers always keep an eye out for details, fashion and lifestyle – essentials when defining the style of pattern you should create this year.

Here, we prepared the following patterns that we believe will be trending this year.

To match the illusion of the ethnic trend – which finds inspiration in the icons used by Native Americans and tribal codes – patterns and prints using floral and meditation circles will be a safe bet. Adopting folk patchwork pattern is matching the chic and casual bohemian style.


seamless pattern in boho style

Inspired by interior design, a key pattern for the future season is characterized by elegant and feminine flowers. This trend includes the surfaces of wallpaper with romantic and vintage flowers updated with color pop motifs or mixed with “mishmash”  patterns.

Hand drawn floral pattern

Tangram and Mosaic patterns are in. These cubical and geometric patterns are very playful and could be a real treat to create, allowing you to play endlessly with colors and forms.

Black and Pink Colors Triangle Seamless PatternChecker, stripe and diamond patterns in black and white as night and day pairing can bring on unimagined combinations of images and optical illusions. Your pattern can be pop or tribal, Western or exotic, feminine or androgynous, simple or complex, it will guarantee you a chic and hypnotic graphic look.

monochrome stripes seamless pattern

If you want to play with textures, abstract patterning with mottled and cracked surface effects can conjure up images of urban materials like concrete, tarmac and metal. The city can be your playground.


Seamless scratched rusty grunge texture, vector background.

The 80’s are coming back with playful pixel art and experimental geometric designs directly inspired by The Memphis Group and arcade video games.

Retro 80s seamless pattern background


If there are a couple of mistakes to absolutely avoid when you are creating a tileable pattern: seams in the repetition, vignettes edges or the excessive use of gradients, everything else is possible and you can make every pattern seamless and infinitely repeatable! Have fun and share it with us!