If you are even mildly aware of food trends you would not have been able to miss the food truck movement. Dining al fresco from city street food vendors has become fashionable in recent months, as has documenting this cultural phenomenon of pavement feasting. Street food celebrates the local and more exotic aspects of food and drink, community, and entrepreneurship.

Street food festivals have bloomed in recent years in big cities and are now becoming more numerous in suburbs and provinces. The “food trucks” or “Meals on Wheels” offer quick lunch solutions to urbanites, seduced by the uninhibited quality of freshly produced affordable cuisine.

Food Truck, Street Food Festival, Food and Drink, Ice Cream, PizzaYou can find these nomadic businesses on social networks where they showcase their goods and promote when and where they will deliver their precious cargo next. We invite you to wander with your camera around your food festivals to capture the convivial atmosphere and all the original, colorful meals.

Cooking salmon kebab Turkish bazaar in Istanbul

What to shoot: burgers hold the upper hand –they whet our appetite and have continued to fuel the trend. But they are joined by a multitude of offerings that allow for a quick tour of the world in front of your home: from crepes to exotic pancakes made with corn or rice flour, through bagels, falafel, dumplings, banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), Pad Thai, Italian pasta, mozzarella, fish & chips revisited, salted wafers and gourmet coffees and ales.


Street food stands have become a real success story, relying solely on their own recipe books, inspired by the specialties in their van. As for lifestyle photography, authenticity is THE must for you culinary photos. Make the most of the natural outdoor setting and lighting, lending context to your images. We want to see the vendors selling and their happy customers feasting, all embracing the informal food exchange

close up of cook hands and mango at street market

Eating in the street has become a universal experience that everyone can access. Being local and showing your appurtenance to the community has never be as strong as today.

Preparing pizza at outdoor marketMany customers are seeing the modern street food as an “alternative to junk food” offering a healthy, innovative, sustainable, and gourmet approach to standard street fare. To work in full coherence with their values, the new street food vendors focus on the ethical aspect of the business by promoting local and organic producers and the quality products that are missing in their area. So keep the green touch in mind when you are creating new content, it’s the new gold!

Organic Produce at Farmers MarketToday’s consumers seek quality and proximity and their demands drive the market. These foodies move around, they compare, they test and they share their feedback. There are so many street food variations to be discovered out there! Whether it’s down your street or on the other side of the world, street food is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of a place.