Stars: Fallen angels or luminous balls of gas, comprised of helium and hydrogen held together by their own gravity. Hundreds upon billions of trillions contained in our galaxy and the universe beyond. The closest of which to us being the sun of which our core existence depends upon.

Their alignment and relationships are studied, believed by some to predict the future, as well as assisting the earliest of astronomers to discover more about our sun and planets. They’ve assisted navigators to the destinations and been integral to the introduction of calendars to aid farmers in their crop management.

Visual representations of stars come in a variety of forms and depictions. From whether you’re after the fluorescent glow of the Aurora borealis, a flaming nebula or a geometric 5 point vector, there is a galaxy full on Fotolia! Here’s some of our recent favourites:

Norwegen, Troms, Ansicht der Aurora Borealis in der Nhe von Troms

Mercury Star

starry night over a small forest river

Milky Way

Stars nebula in space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Northern lights (Aurora borealis) in the sky

Abstract geometric star shape on white. Beveled 3d star.

Flaming Star Nebula