36 Days of Type, the creative festival that reinterprets typography

The third edition of 36 Days of Type is about to begin, kicking off on March 29. For 36 days, our alphabet will mutate and undergo transformations by creative individuals from around the world. After the success of the past years, the festival is celebrating its third year full of energy, with giant strides in the number of followers.



The idea started as the work of two designers based in Barcelona, Nina Sans and Rafa Goicochea, lovers of typography and passionate artists. It initially arose as a challenge among their professional colleagues, and a personal challenge as well: to design a letter each day and publish it on Instagram. After that, the idea took shape when designer Víctor Bregante suggested that they perform the exercise at a global level. Thus, at one time, on a specific date and for the 36 days to follow, designers, illustrators, lovers of type, and artists from anywhere in the world would present their individual reinterpretations of typography. It was a project whose initial approach was small and local, involving nearby contacts and some international presence, but it grew and developed in a natural way thanks to the warm reception and promotion it received from the creative sector to the point of going viral. In each year’s event, 36 studios, designers, and illustrators are invited to participate. Participants in the two preceding years have included Jessica Hische, David Mclead, Vasava, Kentaro Terajima, Atipus, and Cocolia.

During this typographic marathon almost anything is allowed, granting total creative freedom to the artists, who can choose from photography, drawing, 3D, or illustration, each day developing a letter or a numeral until an alphabet of 26 letters and 10 numerals is complete. The only requirements imposed are the format of the image (Instagram square, 1280 px minimum) and the inscription (#36daysoftype + daily hashtag). All else is up to the inspiration of the individual creator and the time he or she has to dedicate. The entire event is carried out via social media, using hashtags on Instagram. All the entries for each day are reviewed, and the best are published on the 36 Days of Type website and networks to give visibility to new and emerging talents and to all who want to be involved.

Until May 3rd, typography will metamorphose into forms impossible until now, endowing characters with new qualities and beauty. All we need to do is watch the screen.


Daniel Aristizabal - 36daysoftype


Manolo Frauto_36daysoftype


Original article: Cecilia Díaz Betz