Adrian Samson is a Hungarian photographer who’s been based in London since 2004. Before deciding upon his trade and establishing himself in London, he spent four years in the Caribbean and the USA and another in Canada.

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His enthusiasm for photography began after his father put a camera in his hands at the age of 8. From that moment, he has been constantly learning more, self-teaching, feeding off the experiences that he has had thanks to living in a variety of different countries. He is also assured in the knowledge that when you dedicate yourself fully to your passion, you learn something new about it every day.

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In his work, there is a blurred line between commercial and artistic photography. He has filmed campaigns around the world for numerous international brands such as Xbox, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Motorola and Ford. He frequently presents his work at exhibitions and has won multiple prizes, notably the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize in 2015.

His subject matter ranges from people to inanimate objects, and from nude portraits to his very particular still lifes made up of bottles or fruit, photographed in his characteristic aesthetic style. His main source of inspiration is daily life, day-to-day observations and memories, as well as film and cinema. There is a noticeable influence from David Lynch and Jean-Luc Godard; in fact, the Une Femme mariée (A Married Woman) series recreates parts of the French director’s film, which Samson found particularly fascinating.

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His series are short. Materials, colors and structures are shot using an instinctive sense of lighting and are reminiscent of modern art. He has total control over light direction, which allows him to create cinematographic atmospheres where people are treated like objects and thus acquire enigmatic qualities. In his still lifes depicting bottles, he even manages to make the simplest bottle of milk appear intriguing.

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In his studio, he reproduces everything that he observes outside. Adrian never carries his camera with him unless he’s working. That’s why he has such a great ability to mentally capture and remember everything that catches his attention. His way of working consists of repeating actions dozens of times to obtain a photographic suspense which floats in the emptiness. All of these miscellaneous objects, people and actions are images that can be found in a definite location, a particular point, which is at the heart of an action that is going to happen.

Original article by Xoana Fiz