It’s always good news for graphic designers when Pantone launches a new color. When the launch is plural, it’s even better! Earlier this month a hefty 112 new colors, in eight color ranges were added to Pantone’s spectrum, resulting in a grand portfolio totalling 1,867 colors; one to meet every need and to expand free reign for designer’s imagination and creativity! As Pantone Product Manager Michele Nicholson explains “Publishing new colours, to me, is super exciting because it’s like giving a gift,” a sentiment that will no doubt reverberate strongly for those in the creative community.

In Pantone’s own words, the range is “relevant and expected for contemporary packaging,” and has an “emphasis on specific colour ranges derived from market requests.”

Pantone collaborated with some of the world’s leading graphic designers including Sagmeister & Walsh partner Jessica Walsh, book cover designer Chip Kidd and Pentagram partner Eddie Opara, all of whom created an exclusive piece to celebrate the launch, using solely the 112 colors, as is highlighted in the below videos.