Following the success of her previous work, ‘Turtle Island‘, we gave our design intern Johanna the challenge of another composition: ‘Elephant Mountain’ was born as a result.

Here she explains how she created such a stunning piece of art, under the guidance of Fotolia’s Senior Designer, Tien Nguyen.

“I wanted to created a scene representing an island with an elephant sculpted from the rock.

I began by researching pictures that expressed my ideas on Fotolia and then I made an assemblage of them.

Most of the work was in bringing together all the elements so they went well together, in both the form and the textures, the mountain, the water and especially the “stone” texture on the elephant – for which my mentor, Tien Nguyen was very helpful.

The eroded aspect of the stone makes the elephant look worn, fossilized – you can even see where it is lacking a tusk.

I wanted to use it to denounce the damage caused by ivory trafficking and its impact on nature. In Africa, 25,000 to 30,000 elephants are killed each year by poachers and ivory traffickers.”

All the elements used in the composition can be found below.


African elephant covered in mud, Etosha N/P

blue sky background with clouds

Rough seas and blue sky

forest river with stones on shores


Panorama am Laufbacher Eck, Höfats und Allgäuer Alpen