March 8th marks the internationally recognised celebration of Women’s Day; a day dedicated to achieving gender parity around the world, economically, socially, culturally and politically.

Images representing women in a variety of personal and professional situations as well as portraying a wider range of ethnic diversity has been a hot topic in recent years. At Fotolia we’re striving to grow the range and variation of women depicted in images. Here’s some of our recent favourites.

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Four generations

young beautiful muslim woman at the park in spring using notebook connected online working business

Close-up portrait of an elderly woman in her home.

Weibliceh Ruderer, Boot heben

Girl birdwatching. Sitting on a tree stump holding binoculars.

Beautiful cheerful lady having fun at Holi festival

Kambodscha, Junge Frau essen gebratene Vogelspinne Spinnen