You have taken the time to listen to your client and really get to grips with their project and their vision for it. You have identified their target audience and exhausted your imagination for weeks working on their logo. But now the deadline is looming on the horizon and the time has come to submit your proposals. What is the most effective way to present them?

  1. Don’t gild the lily!

Your creativity has gone wild. You have conceived and drawn hundreds of logos, and it’s incredibly tempting to present all of them to your client. That’s great, except you risk burying them in your avalanche of ideas. Instead, guide them by choosing your best ideas in advance, and presenting them in landscape format, which looks best on the screen.

  1. The whys and the wherefores!

Include an explanation with each proposal. Explain the whys and the hows, the symbolism of the elements, the colors, the contrasts. Basically, offer your professional take on each logo. Your client needs guidance to make the best decision. Clear explanations reinforce your credibility and your professionalism.

  1. Black and white is always right!

Every time you present a logo, be sure to include a black and white version. Not only will this show your client how the logo looks with more contrast, but there will also be times when they need to use it in black and white.

  1. The price of typeface!

If you have purchased a font to use in your logo, make sure that you have the rights to employ it for commercial means. Imagine how awful it would be if your client ended up facing criminal charges for fraudulent use of a commercial font! This is a must-do!

  1. Put it in place!

When you present your logos, don’t just leave them bare in the middle of the page. Use mock-ups or dummy designs to display them in a practical way. This will help your client visualize the logo as it will be used day-to-day.

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