Good news, Adobe has upped its game with Android and now offers Lightroom users a completely new version with new features including:

  • Controlling the device’s integrated camera with Lightroom Mobile allows you to manage your images in DNG format.
  • The integrated shooting settings of the camera are accessible from Lightroom Mobile, allowing you to pre-view and take photos all whilst being able to apply non-destructive alterations.
  • The Dehaze tool for adjusting the level of haze and fog on an image.
  • The Split tone tool allowing you to add a dominant color to light and dark tones, to create an image with unique colors or to replicate the look of a split-toned black-and-white photo.
  • The Targeted Adjustment feature, integrated in the Color/B&W tool, offers adjustment settings directly on the image depending on a targeted color.
  • The Point Curve mode offers complete control of the tone and contrast of a photo by placing control points on the tone curve whether in a general way or with R, G and B layers.

You can download the latest version of Lightroom for free right now here.