Nuvola Nevicata is the poetic nickname (Snowy cloud) on Fotolia of Cristina Bernazzani, a talented Italian illustrator and painter, who contributes to Fotolia and Adobe Stock with an amazing portfolio of unique art works. We got a chance to speak with her to find out more about her amazing work:

Hi Cristina. Can you firstly give a little introduction to yourself, what you do and how you came to start contributing to stock? 

Hi all! I am a painter, and a single mom of 2 hyperactive teens and have a 91 years old mother just as unleashed. Perhaps this is the reason why I paint: stay in the storm’s eye, keeping my heart open.

I have worked as editorial illustrator for 25 years. Though my working life went many different ways: I have worked as hotel housekeeper, as health practitioner assisting disabled patients, as factory worker, as helper in an ice-cream shop…I am always interested to learn and discover new things.

In 2010 I took the decision to focus on painting for my own pleasure, not aimed to sales. Someone told me about Fotolia and I sent a few works, and then let it go until 2 years ago, when I started to realize it could be a “real thing”. Since then, I have intensified my collaboration, which is turning out very inspirational and overall gratifying. I like to be part of this community and admire other artistic souls I meet in the forum.

My works originate from personal visual thoughts. What I like about Stock production is the freedom to create and have the customers choosing what best fits their needs.


How do you decide what you will draw? They are some hilarious and highly conceptual themes – where do you draw the inspiration?

My images follow 2 streamlines; the first ones listen to the inner voice: why do we exist? Why do we love, hate, become victims or rather victimizer? Why do we escape our responsibilities? What makes us suffer? What gives us joy? It’s the voice itself to create the images. All I do is shape them on a sheet.

vegan omnivore confronts

The other source is the global community of genius cartoonist out there, witty authors I find in websites like this Iranian collection

I think laughing is a way of being. When something happens to me or hear a news I can choose whether to be angry or to find the nonsense of a situation. If we emotionally move away from an event (perhaps by doing yoga, take a warm and fragrant bath, or plunge in a beautiful chocolate cake) we may find the funny side, and we discover that we are little crazy ants rotating inside their own convictions. How many times we feel like kings but in fact are jesters?

Only condition for laughing at others is to be willing to laugh at ourselves. If not, it would be a little cocky.


Your images are superbly detailed. Can you give a little bit of detail to how long each illustration generally takes to create? 

I prepare many paper layers, spreading acrylic gesso. Since it takes a few days to dry out, I like to have some stock ready available. Then I convey the pattern on the media, using a light table. The painting process, in acrylic, requires between 2 and 7 days. It depends on the subject and on the moment I feel it’s complete. Sometimes I resume a drawing several weeks later because I still think something is missing, or more often I find there are too many items and remove some.

I need my morning coffee

Do you have any favorite artists whose work you admire? 

I admire the works of Peter de Seve and Carter Goodrich for the satire and the characters. But I really get lost in the visionary mastery of Brad Holland, or the sweetness of Quint Buchholz.

Every day I have my full immersion in many sources of inspiration and information I find in my browsings. Often the other “Fotolians” are the ones who drive my imagination with their amazing works. Some images are like poems, like these or surreal like this portfolio or featuring an impeccable graphic style like this one.

I believe changes originate from an idea and that an idea belongs to a dense network of collective thoughts and hope. What I am is made up by the strength of my dreams. This dream in particular is to be part of the evolution of our society, I also hope that in seeing my works, others may feel encouraged to express themselves and publish their art.

in bilico

What are your best-selling images from Fotolia?

These 2 works are among my bestsellers.


I see you

I noticed that the more original the idea, when it’s synthetically expressed, the more successful.

It seems the most sought after concept is the toil of living, which goes along with the search of a sense and an identity.

A huge thank you so much Cristina for sharing some drops of your rich world with us. To learn more about Cristina visit her Fotolia portfolio and her blog