Scientific and technologic developments are growing fast, very fast. It’s crucial for visual makers to know the latest tech trends, how they operate within industry sectors, and how in turn they are shaping human behavior.

To give you a little boost we’ve put together some relevant industrial advancements that require your representation this year.

Robot arm in a factory

The ability to experience anything, anywhere, through the power of Virtual Reality has grown intensively the last couple of years. This is the first year that consumers can explore other worlds through a number of incredible products like headsets or platforms in your home. Virtual reality will not just exist for gamers, but also in movies, medicine, sports and education. When creating this content, be aware to not only represent the device itself but more the diversity of situation it creates.

Isometric virtual reality headsets

In the same way, our everyday life has been transformed by the use of a number of digital wearable gadgets. All kinds of fitness trackers, smart watches and other wearable devices have flooded the market. We need lifestyle and industry content showing the production, purchase, and use of these gadgets in our daily lives.

Man sitting in a leather chair using smartwatch

Smart devices have already invaded our homes, from the shower, bed, kitchen utensils, smoke detectors; door locks, lights and thermostats to the entire home ecosystem controlled in one “touch”. All the big names of the technology industry are working hard to improve the way we consume based on the availability of renewable energy and cost. We want to see all this new home experiences.

Remote home control system on a digital tablet.

Car manufacturers are also incorporating smart technology into their designs, with autonomous vehicles starting to infiltrate the market. These cars, filled with touch screens and permanently connected to the Internet, drive – with or without you – from point A to point B, analyzing the best way to go according to traffic, weather and your own preferences.

man driving car and setting eco mode on smartphone

Renewable energy is growing in demand and presence across our landscapes. Wind and solar energy generators are rapidly becoming mainstream options for electricity in many parts of the world, providing a clean alternative to fossil and nuclear energy.

Sustainable Renewable energy ecology infographic

The food industry’s production and transportation of goods is a growing concern for consumers. Now the industry offers produce that is not only “nice to have” but is also organic, sustainable, more livestock conscious, sold in renewable packaging, all in all better for the environment.

Hydroponic vegetable

The medical and scientific industry is working on major improvements that are bringing us closer to curing some of the most terrible diseases of our time. Incredible advances are being made in many sectors, to help humanity feel better and leave longer. From revolutionary innovations to small steps forwards, we will need a whole range of images, illustrations and footage to support the representation of the health care industry.

Dominate Machines

Industries are shaping our lives today and will continue to do so in the future. We all need to see and celebrate these incredible improvements and how they affect our everyday life. Be curious and get inspired by all these new possibilities!