Fascinating, mysterious, dark and bizarre – when Photoshop phantasies strike as gloomy, there is a high chance, that Peter ‘Brownz’ Braunschmid is behind them. This photo designer, Photoshop artist and practical trainer wows the industry with compositions in his own style: Fairy tale creatures, whimsical landscapes and spectacular imageries shape those exceptional digital worlds created by the Austrian. We wanted to know more about his inspirations and techniques, so we talked to the man with the dark phantasies.

Hello Peter! Can you please introduce yourself to the members of our community who might not know you? Who are you and what is your occupation?

My name is Peter ‘Brownz’ Braunschmid. I’m a media designer at Monte Projects GmbH. My main occupation involves designing the scenography for museums, mainly everything related to film / sound / digital imaging / computer animation. Additionally, I move around as BrownzArt, Adobe Influencer, author for several publishers, Photoshop trainer, member of Team Stefan Gesell and member of the ARTteam as well as being a member of the board at the VÖAV (Austrian Amateur Photographers Association). I never really get bored.

How did you get involved in digital art?

I started doing digital art in the mid 80’s – on a C64 with the paint program Blazing Paddles. I thought that playing videogames, like most people, was boring. The route then went on via the Amiga with Deluxe Paint towards Photoshop. I can also remember the Paintbox times, but I never had my own at home. My first art exhibition was 1995 in Linz.

002_NeoAngel copy

How would you describe your style? What are the inspirations and influences?

My style is mainly fantasy and dark art. My inspiration comes from the master HR Giger, who sadly died too early, as well as a vast number of artists, who showcase their work on DeviantArt or Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. I actually get inspiration from everything, and so that I don’t forget my ideas, I use Voicememo and recommend the use of Evernote to everyone.

How long have you been working with Fotolia? How did that come about?

A collaboration with Fotolia began in April 2015 due to the work on my DVD ‘Traumwerke’. Before, I was just a regular client.

View of storm seascape

Can you identify trends and developments in your working environment that will gain relevance?

I don’t follow any fashion trends. I have always been doing my own thing. What I have realised, though, is that there is a trend in popularity towards workshops and video trainings – at least with my fans.

What is your favourite equipment / software for your work?

I use a big PC, a MacBook Pro 15 and a big Power Mac, as well as my iPad and iPhone – being creative with everything that works. My emphasis lies with Photoshop. Pictures are taken with a Fuji XT-1, which is my favourite, as well as a Canon EOS 70D, when I have to take pictures more quickly.

What was the most interesting project you have ever worked on?

For my job it was the ‘Alchemist and European crusaders’ exhibition and as BrownzArt, the most interesting project is my work with Team Stefan Gesell, which is a permanent project. And always the current project I am working on.

057_wowRegen copy

And what are you currently working on?

At the moment, I am working with DOCMA and the falkemedia Verlag, as well as the national exhibition 2016 and obviously, my new DVD.

Is there a dream project that you would like to implement?

It would have been a collaboration with HR Giger, but unfortunately that is not possible anymore.

Do you have any tips, tricks, experiences or just good advice for our community members?

The most important advice: Do your thing. When you are behind it 100% and it’s not illegal, it doesn’t matter what others say. The lion doesn’t care, what the sheep think. And of course, my star sign is leo. 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, Peter – we are looking forward to lots of new projects and of course our ongoing collaboration!

You can find more from Peter ‘Brownz’ Braunschmid on his Website, on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube.